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Live for Incredible is a luxury travel agency that coordinates tailored experiences with a lasting effect for high-net-worth individuals in the most awe-inspiring regions of the world.

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Seekers of the Incredible

Like snowflakes, no two wanderers are alike. At LFI, we believe there is something distinct for each traveler to take away from a changing scenery.

So who does LFI cater to?


The Active Traveler


The Mindful Traveler


The Foodie Traveler


The Green Traveler

The Active Traveler

The ones looking to get the blood flowing

Want to hike, bike, ski, climb, race, stretch, golf, lift, snorkel, scuba, snowboard, kayak, or perhaps just lose a few lbs? Feeling adventurous? We've got you covered.

The Mindful Traveler

The ones searching for inner peace…and the chance to learn a few things

Yoga, Pilates, meditation, creative education, cultural activities, spirituality, fishing, detox trips (both physical & electronic), even safaris. Trips that allow you to reconnect are our specialty.

The Foodie Traveler

The hungry ones

From local organic produce and farm to table cuisine to cooking classes, tastings, gardening and culinary tours, we’ll make sure you’re sent to the right place for your particular appetite.

The Green Traveler

The eco-conscious ones

Sustainable vacations, eco-friendly hotels, agro tourism, and simply unplugging is something we believe strongly in. Desire a pure experience?

Whether you're a sore athlete seeking healing during a weekend of restoration, a stressed professional pursuing relaxation and an escape from the big city, or simply an exhausted soul looking for energy, excitement and rejuvenation, we’re here to help you make the most of your time away from the home, the office, and the noise of the arena.

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